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Apartment for rent in Binh Chanh District with fully furnished apartment, diverse choice of 2-3 bedrooms. Good price Apartment for rent in Binh Chanh a secure area, modern living space.

The market for Apartment for rent in Binh Chanh District

– Binh Chanh District is located to the west – southwest of Ho Chi Minh City, bordering District 7, District 8, Binh Tan, Nha Be, Hoc Mon, Long An. Binh Chanh District has 16 administrative units with a natural area of 252.56 km².

Apartment For Rent In Binh Chanh District Ho Chi Minh - Dat Vang
(Apartment for rent in Binh Chanh, Ho Chi Minh with good price)

– The market for Apartment for rent in Binh Chanh District is active and tends to develop strongly. This area currently has a rapid rate of development and urbanization, synchronous investment infrastructure, and strong economic growth year by year.

– The population density in Binh Chanh is quite high, residents tend to come here to live and work. When the demand for housing is increasing, the market for Apartment for rent in Binh Chanh District becomes exciting and attractive.

– The market currently appears many mid-range apartments, mini apartments, cheap apartments, high-class apartments,… with a variety of choices in terms of area and price, to meet all needs. The needs of customers include students, office workers, young families, foreign experts,…

Refer the price of Apartment for rent in Binh Chanh District

– The market for Apartment for rent in Binh Chanh District has been developing strongly and rapidly, there are many Apartments for rent, designed with different areas and different rental rates.

– For luxury apartments, with a large area of about 70sqm or bigger size, these apartments are fully furnished and high-class utilities, the rental is from 10,000,000VD per month.

Cho thuê căn hộ Bình Chánh TPHCM giá rẻ chính chủ tiện nghi - Cheap Apartment for rent in Binh Chanh Ho Chi Minh City - Bán chung cư Bình Chánh TPHCM giá rẻ chính chủ tiện nghi
(Cheap Apartment for rent in Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh city)

– For mid-range apartments, this apartment is most popular in the market for Apartment for rent in Binh Chanh District, the utility and quality of the apartment is also guaranteed, but the area of the apartment is not too big, about 50 to 60sqm, rental ranges from 7 to 9,000,000VND per month.

– Mini apartments, cheap apartments, this type of apartment is a lot of students or low-income workers interested and chooses, the room area is quite small from 20 to 25sqm. Rental about 5.000.000 to 8.000.000VND per month, the apartment is fully furnished and equipped, but the apartment facilities are not really high-class and quality.

(Serviced Apartment for rent in Binh Chanh District)

Looking for Apartment for rent in Binh Chanh District 

Website https://hoadatvang.com/ is one of the information channels to help customers find suitable real estate quickly and efficiently, provide an information search system, help customers find and rent an apartment. Binh Chanh households are suitable for needs and finances.

– The advantage of the website https://hoadatvang.com/ is updating accurate information, authentic images and prices, fully diversified about the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City in general and the market for Apartment for rent in Binh Chanh District in particular, support to connect lessor and tenant quickly and efficiently.

– In the midst of countless information about the real estate market, especially the Binh Chanh apartment rental market, Dat Vang is ready to accompany you to search and choose the right apartment.

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Many Serviced Apartments for rent in District 7 with a variety of areas and prices from 6,000,000 to 20,000,000 VND per month, studio and one bedroom fully furnished, high-class furniture and amenities.

Villa for rent in Ho Chi Minh city, especially villa for rent in district 7: Villa for rent in Nam Thong, My Phu, Hung Thai, My Thai, My Van, etc. Single villas, duplex villas are smartly and methodically designed to create ventilation, wind and natural light to help owners have the opportunity to enjoy the comfort and convenience of resort right in the house.

In addition, Dat Vang also have house for rent in Ho Chi Minh City located in a safe area, fresh living environment, diverse design,  house to live in or a combination of both living and working as an office.

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