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List of 278 villas for rent in Ho Chi Minh city with variety of areas and prices, with a convenient location to live or do business or office. Please contact hotline ☎️0901142004 for the latest and most complete updates on villa for rent in Saigon.

About Villa for rent in Ho Chi Minh city

– Nowadays, people’s living standards are enhanced and improved, and the demand for renting villas is getting higher and higher. The villa rental market is also more lively, with many villas of various types and designs appearing.

– Single villa and duplex villa are two types of villas that are popular today, which are focused on by construction designers as well as by many investors. In addition, there are quadrangle villa.

Single villa

The Single villa owns a separate block and has independent architecture. The detached villa consists of 4 open sides that are architecturally invested to create a harmonious whole.

Cho thuê biệt thự Hồ Chí Minh giá tốt tiện nghi - villa for rent in ho chi minh city
(Single villa for rent in Ho Chi Minh city)

Single villa for rent in Ho Chi Minh city are built between a fenced lot and a distance away from the fence wall, this distance is wide enough for walking, living or often used for planting trees, gardening, swimming pool, miniatures, etc. These are the parts that help to enhance the beauty of the villa and create a great relaxing space for the owner to use.

Duplex villa

Duplex villas for rent in Ho Chi Minh city is a type of villa whose architecture is made up of 2 villas next to each other to create a whole. At a glance, a duplex villa is a villa, but it is actually two symmetrical villas, the two apartments are designed quite similar and harmonious in color and decoration.

biệt thự song lập
(Duplex villa for rent in Ho Chi Minh city)

The duplex villa has 3 open sides, these open sides are large enough for living, commuting or to make a garden, small landscape to create ventilation as well as comfort for the owner.

Tetrahedral villa

Tetrahedral villa for rent in Ho Chi Minh city is a type of villa house consisting of 4 villas forming the overall architecture. Basically 4 villas are designed to be the same in terms of appearance and use, but 4 villas can be built separately.

biệt thự tứ lập
(Tetrahedral villa for rent in Ho Chi Minh city)

Tetrahedral villa have face symmetry, edge symmetry and angular symmetry to create a unique cluster of villas.

In modern urban areas, the master plan of quadrangle villas increases the beauty of the urban area.

Status of villa for rent for rent in Ho Chi Minh city

– Villa for rent in Ho Chi Minh city with raw houses, designed according to the needs of tenants, suitable for living or business purposes. With a rough lease, usually a long-term lease, making the most of the time to exploit the construction design and put it into use.

– Most of the villas for rent in Ho Chi Minh city are fully equipped with fully furnished or basic furniture

– The structure of the villas for rent in Ho Chi Minh city is usually 1 ground floor 3 floors, with kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, each room is full, spacious, comfortable and airy to create a comfortable and convenient life for guests. owner.

The utility of the villa for rent in Ho Chi Minh city

– Besides the possible internal facilities such as private swimming pool, garden BBQ, farm, children’s play area, fishing lake, karaoke room, sauna, car garage, etc. you can also take advantage of the convenience. Enjoy a variety of nearby amenities

– Villa for rent in Ho Chi Minh city located in the security area 24/24, quiet, high intellectual, clean, cool, fresh air; green and harmonious natural landscape, located in a high ecological zone; Wide road, convenient parking.

– Villas for rent in Ho Chi Minh city are usually located in central locations, prime locations, convenient transportation, easy to move to downtown districts.

– Because the villa for rent is located in a central location, you can use a variety of entertainment, culture and sports, healthcare, education system, comprehensive health care.

– Rent villa in District 7 located in a compound area, with swimming pool, children’s play area, 24/7 neighborhood security, safe and quiet area, suitable for families with elderly people or people who like quiet, private.

– Phu My Hung District 7 is one of the busiest and most famous urban areas in Saigon, where a full range of banking services, restaurants, sports, culture – entertainment, system from a multi-level education system to a large commercial center within a radius of 100m.

– Rent villa in District 7 you will experience the high-class life here. You will enjoy the weekend to the fullest, experience the wonderful resort facilities right in your own home. The BBQ garden is filled with the sound of birds singing in harmony with the smooth green grass and trees, and the cool and clear swimming pool is located on the premises of the house.

– If you want a full life, come to us. Villas for rent in Ho Chi Minh city both short and long term.

– We specialize in renting villas with a variety of types of single, duplex, tetrahedral villa, classical or modern design, fully furnished, high-class facilities, promising a wonderful life and full of happiness.

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Apartment for rent in Nha Be with good price: Saigon South ResidencesSunrise Riverside, Phu Hoang Anh, New Sai Gon, The Park Residence, Dragon Hill, etc.

Apartments for rent in District 2: An Phu, Thao Dien Pearl, The Ascent, Topic Garden,…

Thousands of Serviced Apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh city, special Serviced Apartment for rent in District 7 with a variety of areas and prices from 6,000,000 to 20,000,000 VND per month, studio and one bedroom fully furnished, high-class furniture and amenities.

Villa for rent in Ho Chi Minh city, especially villa for rent in district 7: Villa for rent in Nam Thong, My Phu, Hung Thai, My Thai, My Van, etc. Single villas, duplex villas are smartly and methodically designed to create ventilation, wind and natural light to help owners have the opportunity to enjoy the comfort and convenience of resort right in the house.

In addition, Dat Vang also have house for rent in Ho Chi Minh City located in a safe area, fresh living environment, diverse design,  house to live in or a combination of both living and working as an office.

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