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The Ascentia Apartment for rent – an apartment project located on the busiest commercial avenue Nguyen Luong Bang Phu My Hung was opened for sale by the investor on October, 2019.

The design of Ascentia Apartment project brings a dynamic lifestyle right in the international standard urban area recognized by the American Institute of Architects. A balanced, sophisticated living space imbued with art.

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Overview of The Ascentia Apartment project


– Full of unique advantages from location, design, utilities,… The Ascentia Apartment for rent is ready for the journey to conquer the successful and prosperous destinations of the young and enthusiastic business community, dedication – where a vibrant, modern lifestyle begins but still enough to fully enjoy the calm, relaxed, and private feeling in every step back home.

The Ascentia Apartment for rent has a prime location

The Ascentia Apartment for rent located on the “green peninsula” of Nam Vien, right in front of the busy Nguyen Luong Bang street, directly connected to Chateau Castle villa & Midtown hu My Hung complex, The Ascentia will be a place to raise the status for owners – young, dynamic, creative and successful entrepreneurs.

If you want to find information about The Ascentia apartment for rent, please contact hotline 0901142004 for more updates, complete and latest information, pictures and prices.

– With this prime location, renting an apartment in The Ascentia Apartment, you will enjoy countless amenities outside the busiest area of the city, living in a civilized, modern and classy environment.

The Ascentia Apartment for rent connects thousands of utilities

The Ascentia Apartment for rent with ideal internal facilities

– Stepping to the 3rd floor, residents of Ascentia Apartment for rent will experience a chain of amenities like a resort. In particular, the outdoor swimming pool is nearly 30m long, located in the center, facing Nguyen Luong Bang street. Next to the adult pool is the children’s pool. Family members can relax together on the same ground without having to move too far, nor do parents need to sit and watch their children.

– The Ascentia Apartment for rent with full other functions such as male and female sauna, yoga room, spa room, children’s room, community room,… also actively arranged nearby by the investor swimming pool, convenient for residents to experience services.

Cho thuê căn hộ The Ascentia Phú Mỹ Hưng - The Ascentia Phu My Hung Apartment for rent
Cho thuê căn hộ The Ascentia Phú Mỹ Hưng - The Ascentia Phu My Hung Apartment for rent
Cho thuê căn hộ The Ascentia Phú Mỹ Hưng - The Ascentia Phu My Hung Apartment for rent

– From The Ascentia Apartment for rent, along the axis of Nguyen Luong Bang Boulevard, you can easily connect to the International Trade and Financial Center ecosystem with the largest mid- to high-end office buildings in the city. South Saigon area. The Crescent commercial area with convenient services for shopping, dining, relaxation, … the health care center is invested by international hospitals such as French – Vietnamese hospital, Tam heart hospital Virtue,…

In addition, Ascentia Apartment for rent has a distinct advantage in terms of a comprehensive education system for children thanks to its possession of the highest density school chain in the urban area with international standard schools such as Korean and Japanese schools. Ban, Taipei and the Canadian international inter-school system,… give residents living here a complete and comfortable living space.

The Ascentia Apartment for rent has a lot of high-class facilities around

– In addition to enjoying the internal facilities, residents of The Ascentia also have easy access to the external facilities such as health care system, entertainment culture, shopping center, inter-level education system, within short distance travelling.

The Ascentia Apartment for rent is directly connected to all urban utilities: The Crescent is busy with culinary, shopping and entertainment services, the International Trade and Finance area completes all utility needs.

– Outstanding external facilities are a system of 8 international and domestic schools including: Japan, Korea, Canada, Taipei, Saigon South, Le Van Tam, Tiny Flower, Canadian preschool. All are just a few minutes walk away, very convenient for families with small children.

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The Ascentia Apartment for rent bring nature into the Apartment

The Ascentia Apartment for rent will be a modern building with square shapes, basic lines and neutral colors, elegant but still in harmony with nature through the gardens on the 4th floor, the roof. Materials are also selected based on the criteria of natural color of soil, rocks and plants and environmentally friendly characteristics, sustainable over time. Light colors tend to be gentle and warm to create the feeling of entering a resort.

Cho thuê căn hộ The Ascentia Phú Mỹ Hưng - The Ascentia Phu My Hung Apartment for rent
(Modern The Ascentia Apartment for rent)
( 2 bedrooms The Ascentia Apartment for rent)

– Talking about the criteria when designing the apartment, Mr. Axel Fabian Korn – the project master planning architect said that he always aims for a balance in all sizes and types of apartments, not prioritizing one criterion, fixed because the interaction between all the elements is paramount.

Mr. Axel Fabian Korn said.

– The whole The Ascentia Apartment for rent is designed to be open, making the most of natural light and wind. The door to the apartment almost touches the ceiling, creating the most ventilation for the functional spaces.

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