Revealed: 5 reasons to rent a serviced apartment

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Condotel - Luxury Serviced Apartment

Serviced Apartment are being chosen by many foreigners living in Vietnam as a place of residence.

What is a Serviced Apartment?

Serviced Apartment in the simplest sense is a rental apartment with cleaning and laundry services. Fully furnished apartment for rent.

All these services are free. Normally, tenants only pay for electricity or other additional services such as breakfast, massage, sauna (if any).

Serviced Apartment classification

Based on the design, Serviced Apartment can be classified into 2 types: Studio and Separate bedroom

Studio Apartment: is an apartment with a closed space, usually with an area of 20 to 40m2. Although the apartment has a small area, it is smartly designed, with a reasonable bed, kitchen, and bathroom to create a comfortable feeling for living.

Studio Apartment are suitable for foreign experts living and working in Vietnam. Some Asian experts such as Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore favor and prefer minimalism with the habit of living in small spaces.

Serviced aparment near me - Cho thuê căn hộ dịch vụ
(Studio - Serviced Apartment)

Separate 1 bedroom (or 2 bedrooms): The living room is separate from the bedroom, the area is about 40-50sqm. This type of apartment is almost like an apartment building.

(Căn hộ dịch vụ 1 phòng ngủ riêng biệt)
(Cho thuê căn hộ dịch vụ TP.HCM)

Based on utility, Serviced Apartment can be classified into 2 types: Regular Serviced Apartment and high-class Serviced Apartment (Condotel).

Regular serviced apartmentis a combination of the above two types of serviced apartments. This apartment is concentrated in the central areas of the city.

High-class Serviced Apartment (Condotel): Means hotel serviced apartment. Condo (meaning Apartment), tel is hotel (meaning hotel). Condotel was born to add high-class facilities (garden, swimming pool, restaurant, gym, massage, etc.) that Serviced Apartments usually do not have. High-class Serviced Apartments are concentrated in 5-star hotel complexes or high-class resort resorts in Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, located in prime locations of the city, designed smart design extremely luxurious and classy.

(Codotel - Serviced Apartment)
(Codotel - Serviced Apartment)

You can see the details of serviced apartment Condotel here

5 reasons to rent a serviced apartment

– Why not if you are only in one person? Serviced apartment is fully furnished and comfortable. You are served almost completely without having to do anything. This is the best time saver for you.

Serviced Apartments are much cheaper than Apartments building. Is the optimal solution for those who have long-term business without the need and cannot afford to rent a hotel.

– Self-contained and isolated apartments are suitable for those who do not like the hustle and bustle like in Apartment building.

Serviced Apartments are usually located in the inner city center of the city, very convenient for moving.

Now you have information about Serviced Apartment for rent. Hope you have more useful information to find the right accommodation for you.

Please contact Dat Vang to choose the best room at the best price!

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Dat Vang specializes in selling and renting Apartment buildingServiced Apartment, house, villa, shophouse, warehouse and office in Ho Chi Minh City.

Apartment for rent in Phu My Hung, District 7: Scenic Valley, Green Valley, Happy Valley, Sky Garden, Hung Vuong, Riverpark Residence, Riverpark Premier, Hung Phuc – Happy Residence, Midtown Phu My Hung, Green View, Grand View, Star Hill, Riverside Residence, Panorama, Garden Court, Garden Plaza, My Khanh, My Khanh, My Phuc, Canh Vien, etc.

Apartment for rent in District 7 adjacent to Phu My Hung: Riviera Point, Him Lam Riverside, Sunrise City, Sunrise City View, Florita, Eco Green, etc.

Apartment for rent in Nha Be: Saigon South Residences, Sunrise Riverside, Phu Hoang Anh, New Sai Gon, The Park Residence, Dragon Hill, etc.

Villa for rent in Phu My Hung, District 7: Villas in Nam Thong, My Phu, Hung Thai, My Thai, My Van, etc. Single villas, duplex villas are smartly and methodically designed to create ventilation, wind and natural light to help owners have the opportunity to enjoy the comfort and convenience of resort right in the house.

Many Serviced Apartments for rent in Phu My Hung with a variety of areas and prices from 6,000,000 to 20,000,000 VND per month, studio and separate bedroom fully furnished and high-class facilities.

In addition, Dat Vang also have house for rent in Ho Chi Minh City located in a safe area, fresh living environment, diverse designs, houses to live or a combination of both living and working.

See more products and services of Dat Vang here.

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